Leave the ‘70s Behind

Leave the ‘70s Behind

Schedule popcorn ceiling removal in Amarillo, TX

Are you tired of your popcorn ceilings? Do you wish your ceilings didn’t look like they’re stuck in the past? Let Scilful Painting bring your ceilings up to date with our popcorn ceiling removal services in Amarillo, TX.

The experts at Scilful Painting can remove your popcorn ceilings safely and quickly, leaving you with clean, smooth surfaces. We can even paint your new ceilings for you. Call us today for a free estimate on popcorn removal.


Popcorn ceiling removal can be extremely messy, creating dust and debris that can get everywhere and can be dangerous to inhale. Our methods will protect you and your home from any damage.

Our popcorn ceiling removal process includes:

  • Covering all of your furniture and surfaces to protect against dust.
  • Removing any ceiling fans or light fixtures from the ceiling.
  • Scraping the popcorn texture off of your ceilings.
  • Painting and coating your ceilings for a smooth finish.
  • Cleaning the work area and replacing all fixtures.

Removing your popcorn ceiling is simple with Scilful Painting. Schedule your popcorn removal in Amarillo, TX today.